Bolide Movie Creator

Bolide Movie Creator 1.3

It lets you edit and create videos with a lot of ease
4.5  (8 votes)

Bolide Movie Creator lets you create your own films by putting together videos, audio files, images and transitions. You probably expect such tools to be intricate leviathans that can be used only by professionals and people with a lot of experience. That’s not the case with Bolide Movie Creator. It’s a simple video editor that can be used by anyone. Being simple also makes professional results harder to achieve using it, but with some perseverance and skill you can obtain some interesting flicks. This tool is especially suitable when you have plenty of personal films on your disks and want to create montages of them. It helps you save some time while your entire creativity capabilities can still be fully unleashed. It can also be used to create presentations, tutorials, and for many other purposes.

It can load and process a large variety of types of video files, including MPEG, AVI, VOB, MP4, 3GP, MOV, MKV and so on. It lets you add your own text comments and music tracks, while a large array of visual effects and transitions are at your disposal for being used in order to enhance the way the resulting video eventually looks.

Though I still have my doubts about its efficiency in creating professional-looking videos, I have to agree that it cleverly fills in a niche that wasn’t targeted by many applications so far: basic video editors which are suitable mostly for beginners. Since the possibility of creating and editing videos without having any specialized experience will surely look appealing to many, this application will find its fans.

Margie Smeer
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  • Contains quite a lot of transitions which can be used to enhance the videos
  • Supports many video file formats
  • Very easy-to-use


  • Limited possibilities in creating truly professional-looking results or in thoroughly manipulating various aspects of the video
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