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Create WMV, MKV, GIF, AVI and MP4 videos, cut out the unnecessary parts, add transitions, fades or other effects and insert background music.

Home users who enjoy making their own home movies and those who collect video clips from others may be interested in knowing more about Bolide Movie Creator. This video editor has been designed with this particular type of users in mind, hoping that they lose their fear of movie editing and start producing their own pro-looking video files in an effortless and straightforward way.

In this sense, Bolide Movie Creator can boast of being an extremely user-friendly tool. Even though it includes elements that might deter the potential user from getting close to this tool – such as the video timeline, the sophisticated video effects, and transitions, etc. – making use of all of these features couldn’t be easier. Actually, the timeline option is probably the most intuitive way of editing videos – all you have to do is drag the various video and audio files and place them with your mouse one after the other in a logical sequence. Likewise, adding any of the numerous transitions provided is equally straightforward – just pick the one you like, drag it to the line between two video files, drop it, and it’s done. The program will do the rest following your preferences, especially in terms of transition times.

Filters and effects are equally simple to apply. They will affect the entire video file upon which you dropped the selected effect, but you have the option to apply it to the whole frame or to just a portion of it. This is not a feature that you will find in many video editors, and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to find it in Bolide Movie Creator. Adding it to your own videos, however, requires no specific skills – a default window (smaller than the original frame) will appear in the player on top of the selected video, and all you have to do is either enlarge it to full-screen size or resize it to your liking and place it over the area of the screen you want to apply it. Note that it will appear in that same position in every frame of the video file. It’s a pity that you can’t just apply it to a single frame or to a portion of the entire file, though I guess you can always split the video, add that effect to the resulting fragment, and then merge it back into the original file... You can also improve the video and audio streams separately by tweaking the video contrast, brightness, saturation, etc., and normalize and reducing the noise of your soundtrack.

Once you’re happy with the way your new video looks with all those transitions and stunning effects, you can click on the “Make video” button over the timeline. This will open a simple window – actually, maybe a bit too simple – where you can choose any of the five output formats supported and the level of quality you want your video to have. Don’t forget that the better the quality, the larger the resulting file. Some users will miss the option to add a DVD menu to it and even burn it to disc without leaving the program, but no DVD authoring tools have been included in this otherwise excellent utility. Other than this limitation, Bolide Movie Creator comes with all the features and functions you need to transform your home movie collection into a set of videos to be proud of.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Timeline-based editor
  • Interesting choice of effects and transitions
  • Designed for home users
  • Supports animated GIFs as input


  • No DVD authoring or burning
  • Limited output formats
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